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Robo.js provides an extensive set of plugins to supercharge your bots, each aiming to extend the functionalities of Robo.js to its maximum. To install any plugin, simply use the command:

npx robo add <package>
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Created a plugin and eager to share it with the Robo.js community? Awesome! 🌟

Please respond to this GitHub Discussion with the details of your plugin, and it might get listed here! Upon review, your plugin will be added to the list.

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Official Plugins 🏆

Plugins directly developed and maintained by the Robo.js team, ensuring optimal compatibility and functionality:


Package: @robojs/ai
Transform your Robo into an engaging chatbot utilizing AI. Supports customized behaviors and Discord commands.

AI Voice

Package: @robojs/ai-voice
Give your Robo a voice! Command and converse with it verbally in voice channels.


Package: @robojs/server
Effortlessly create and manage API routes, allowing your Robo project to function as a full-fledged API server.

Better Stack

Package: @robojs/better-stack
Visualize uptime and search logs in a visually appealing and searchable format.


Package: @roboplay/plugin-confessions
Facilitate anonymous confessions within your guild, complete with safety filters, and admin controls for a wholesome experience.

Developer Tools

Package: @robojs/dev
Optimize your development process with utilities to test Robo APIs, monitor resources, and replicate specific behaviors.


Package: @roboplay/plugin-gpt
Empower your Robo to generate human-like text with the revolutionary capabilities of GPT.


Package: @robojs/maintenance
Enable a maintenance mode for your Robo, ensuring smoother user experiences during updates or fixes.

Moderation Tools

Package: @robojs/moderation
Equip your bot with essential tools to manage and maintain your server.

Community Plugins 🎉

Innovative plugins crafted by the dedicated and creative Robo.js community:

Emoji Reaction

Package: emoji-reaction-plugin
Make your conversations fun and interactive with various emoji based reactions.

Community Challenges

Package: community-challenges
Submit your challenge ideas to the community challenges directly from your bot.

Discord User Profile

Package: discord-user-profile
Create your own user profile on a discord server and share it. Allow anyone to do the same!.

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